River Lifeboat

Despite the biblical amount of rain California received in the winter of 2017, it remains a place where having enough water is never a sure thing. Let’s pay attention, then, to our rivers and creeks, know their names, treasure, and protect them.  When we name things we become attached to them.  Perhaps our waterways need […]

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Where were you in the Summer of Love?

Hippie Tents/1967, each piece approximately 6″x6″, dyed silk with wire armature This year some of us are recognizing the 50th anniversary of the summer the hippie movement took over San Francisco and Haight/Ashbury, and started the culture war we are still engaged in today.  I was fascinated by the ideas of the time–peace, love, social […]

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Last summer I visited Finland where my grandparents grew up.  I wanted to understand what they’d left behind, and perhaps learn more about them.   They were Swedish speaking people who lived in a predominately Swedish area of Finland and I have always been impressed by their courage to make such a big life decision.  While there, […]

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“Marvelous” exhibition

Vanishing 6, 2016, 15″x16″, painting and stitching on paper and handmade paper This collage, part of my “Vanishing” series, exploring loss of vocabulary, was juried into the show, Marvelous, at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.  The show runs from January 6 to February 12, 2017.  There are entries from Norway, Uruguay, Canada, as well as from […]

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Vanishing Series

Here’s a few more of my vanishing series…

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A new website for recent work

Welcome! I’ve created this space to showcase my artwork. I’ve been carried away by thread, fabric, paper and ink…a wonderful journey away from my handmade rug business back to the most essential busyness of artmaking. Please check in often as I plan to update this site on the fly as I am creating work.

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