picnic-about-linda-belden-roundLinda Belden is an artist who works with cloth, paper, stitching, painting, and mark-making to create work that is sometimes representational and more often, now, intuitive and subjective. Her professional background includes paper and textile design for her own company and other national and international design businesses.


Artist Statement

Themes of time, memory, the circling back in one’s life that happens so often as things change are ideas that I am consumed with now.

I started making “stitched pictures” while on vacation in France.  I was staying with artist-friends who lived in a beautiful, rural area, and I had an idea to make plein aire  embroidery.  I took my hoop, thread, and fabric outside and stitched the landscape from the side of the road, sheep eyeing me with suspicion and driver’s of passing cars slowing down to have a look.  I absolutely love stitiching. It is a zen activity, so peaceful and meditative. I usually work in my studio now, there is no wind, or flies, or other atmospheric distractions.

My grandmother, Geneva Winston, a fantastic seamstress, knitter, and consummate craftswoman, has been my role model in pursing a life in the arts.  My genetic need to make things comes from her.

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